...the enormous usefulness of mathematics in the natural sciences is something bordering on the mysterious and that there is no rational explanation for it.

Eugene P. Wigner

  • "Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."

Albert Einstien

Mathematics is the most wondrous of human constructs. It is at once an independent abstract fabrication of the mind and something that exists in actuality waiting to be discovered.


As an artist, I do not make Mathematics. Making Mathematics is a deep esoteric endeavor accessible only to certain predisposed individuals. However I am beguiled by the beauty and the importance of this marvelous enigma.


I like to believe that my work moves beyond the personal and illuminates universal principles that shape our collective reality.

Strengthfinders 2.0

Conrad Cortellini, Top Five Strengths

1. Acheiver:

Diligence, Persistence, & Concentration

2. Strategic:

Identify best course of action considering prevailing

circumstances, available resources and desired outcomes.

3. Input:

Crave to know more.

4. Ideation:

Fascination with ideas and connections between seemingly disparate concepts.

5. Connectedness:

Passion for causes that benefit humanity

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Indiana University, Herron School of Art

Licenced Architect, Indiana & Arizona

Founder Slow Food Indy, The Indianapolis Convivium of Slow Food USA.

Founder Green Broad Ripple, Sustainable Broad Ripple, Indianapolis

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