Joining Two Quadros

The Feedback Fractal Project (Project) continues as a grand experiment. The Project set out to build a "Monument for Our Time" based on new ideas, new imagery and new approaches in art making. Emotions have run the gamut from high exhilaration to deep disillusionment and doubt. A milestone is now approaching.

The Milestone

For the first time, two completed “Quadros” will be joined together on a single armature. Quadros are roughly 8 ft. square. The finished work will contain twelve Quadros.


The Quadro One was made in studio space provided by DeveloperTown at their Indianapolis office and bears the organization’s name. Quadro Two was built at the Artist-in-Residence Studio provided by Scecina Memorial High School in Indianapolis and is known as the Scecina Quadro. Each Quadro is comprised of 25,600 individual handmade Elements.


On June 12, 2019 a reception will be held to mark the occasion: 

Joining Two Quadros

You Are Invited

If You Intend To Attend Please Click On The Image To RSVP To The SCECINA Website