The Feedback Fractal Project

For Our Time

The 20th Century brought unprecedented change. Here, at the beginning of the 21st Century, the dynamic initiated at the beginning of the last Century is still with us today. Change is pervasive and appears to be accelerating. With uncertainty over climate change; diminishing natural resources and peak oil, political, cultural, and financial crises, displacement of social morays...- Chaos appears to reign.

The Science of Chaos and Fractal Geometry (herein referred to as Chaos Thought) that came into being at the end of the 20th Century provides tools to look beyond the details of our chaotic predicaments and gaze upon the nature of the process itself. Using Chaos Thought and a process of Distributed Art Production, The Feedback Fractal Project has set out to create a monumental sculpture portrait of Chaos.

Science Thought is about discerning order in the universe and works to reduce complexity to fundamental principles useful in understanding qualities and predicting outcomes. Chaos Thought is about discerning disorder in the universe which requires a totally new perspective as well as the ability to handle huge quantities of data.

The Feedback Fractal Project.

This video was produced for the original website published in 2013. The premise of the work was well defined while the process of its making was intentionally organic and opportunistic. That is to say that the process, being supported by limited financial resources, adapted to accommodate the resources that were attracted to it as the work progressed. None the less, the video is still relevant and does a good job of describing the project.

Trial One Interviews.

This video was produced early in 2014 at the completion of Trial One which tested the theory that modules built by differing artisans could be assembled into a visually coherent whole. A trial Section of 16 modules was built by 10 individuals with promising results.


This video was produced in late 2014 to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds through a croudfunding effort. Unfortunately we were not able to reach our goal yet we welcomed the opportunity to retell the Feedback Fractal Story.

The DeveloperTown Chapter

In August of 2015 we established a studio at DeveloperTown (DT) with the intent to design and test the processes and procedures needed to build the first major portion of the work.


Initially we had thought that dividing the work into 192 Sections of 1600 Elements and attracting 192 artisans to build one Section each would be the best approach. After our DT experience our thinking now is to divide the work into 12 Quadros of 25,600 Elements and look for venues where a community of artisans can gather to produce the work.


This not only emphasizes the coming together and interacting in the tradition of the quilting circle but also offers the possibility of conducting multiple venues at the same time.


The first Quadro was completed in August of 2016. These are the people who made it and the space where regular gatherings occurred.

New Chapter

In February of 2017 we established a new studio as Artist-In-Residence at Scecina Memorial High School at the invitation of Scecina's president. This generous space is where students of Mrs. Van Benten's home room class gather to assemble the Scecina Quadro.

The Scecina Studio

In July of 2017 we set up a second studio at the invitation of the principal of Shortridge High School where students from Mrs. Pierre's class are gathering to assemble the Shortridge Quadro.

Quadro One continues to live at DeveloperTown even though we no longer maintain a studio there.

The closing of five IPS schools in 2018 causing a huge influx of students at Shortridge that made maintaining an Artist-In-Residence studio Impossible. We do maintain a connection.

The Shortridge Studio

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